What to do in Buenos Aires – Abasto neighborhood

The 06 Central Hostel invites you to know the best of Buenos Aires.  If you’re looking for a hostel near the Abasto we are your best choice!

The Abasto neighborhood is a good place to see shows of tango and milongas, where you can dance and take lessons. In this neighborhood lived some famous tango musician such as Osvaldo Pugliese, Aníbal Troilo and Carlos Gardel, known because of his voice.


1 Mercado del Abasto (The Abasto Market)

Corrientes 3200

About its history!

In 1890 was prohibited to sell meat. That was the reason why a few carts with food and vegetables started to appear. Later, in 1934  this big market opened its doors to continue selling food. The building that we can see today keeps the same structure that in the early days.

This market is the biggest in the city and it was opened until 1984. Finally in 1998 it became a shopping which you can visit now!


2 Bar El Progreso

Anchorena 529

In this old restaurant located at 529 Anchorena street, there sang Gardel and Tita Merello. This place conserve a few relics of that time. It is perfect to go with friends or family and have a nice time tasting delicious and traditional Argentinean dishes.

3 Pasaje Carlos Gardel

You can see this beautiful place every weekend. There you can see tango shows in the street with very good dancers and amazing musicians. You can also see “folklore argentino”, and taste barbecue, the typical Argentinean food. This is a good opportunity to spend a nice afternoon listening to tangos, “zambas” and “chacareras” and enjoy the two typical kinds of music of our country.


4 Viejo Bar Chanta Cuatro – Esquina Carlos Gardel

Pasaje Carlos Gardel 3200

This is a popular corner located at 3200 Pasaje Carlos Gardel street.  Now we can see there a beautiful restaurant and “tanguería” (place to see tango shows), known as “Esquina Carlos Gardel”.

Before, there was a bar, whose name was “Chanta Cuatro”. It was one of the most typical of this neighborhood, which was founded in 1893. That bar was a place where Carlos Gardel and his friends met each others to eat, sing and spend all the night together.

5 Luca Prodan House

Gallo 492

Luca Prodan (1953-1987) was the singer of Sumo, a famous Argentinean band. Sumo was one of the most important bands of the argentine rock and roll.   

Luca Prodan arrived to Argentina in 1981. He was from Rome, Italy. One year later he moved to this house in Buenos Aires. He lived in this apartment (at 492 Gallo street) during two years. There is one song in the last album of Sumo about the morning at the Abasto. Its name in Spanish is “Mañana en el Abasto”

6 Pasaje Zelaya (Zelaya street)

The walls of this place are decorated with pictures of Carlos Gardel. This original pictures were printed by the great artist Marino Santamarina.

In this address Carlos Gardel were registered a few of his most famous songs. Here you can see lyrics and partitures of his tangos as “Golondrinas” and “Melodía de arrabal”.


Barrio-TangoHostelAlbergue-ElAbasto-BuenosAires (2)

7 Paseo del fileteado (Street of “fileteado”)

Jean Jaurès al 700

The “Filete porteño” is a kind of decorative print, which was developed in Buenos Aires during the 90’s. This artistic expression came from France, Germany but mostly from Italy. It is an European style, combined with tango which makes it of our culture. The “fileteado” was used to decorate buses for example. Today is a very popular art and you can see it in trucks, decorative furniture and ornaments.


8 Carlos Gardel House and Museum

Jean Jaurès 735

Carlos Gardel in 1926 bought this house located at 735 Jean Jaurès street. He lived there with his mother Berta since 1927 until 1933. Then he traveled to Paris. This old house open as a museum in 2003, dedicated to the most famous argentinean tango singer. Carlos Gardel was born in Toulouse, France, in 1890. Two years later with his mother he traveled to Buenos Aires. People called him el “Morocho del Abasto”, as he appears in some tangos, because he grown up in that neighborhood. In 1910 he started to sing milongas too. He is the most popular singer of tango and the first one who show it at the entire word. He appeared in the first Argentine films and quickly he became very popular.


9 Aníbal Troilo (Pichuco) home

Cabrera between Anchorena y Agüero streets

The house where Aníbal Troilo was born is situated at Cabrera street between Anchorena and Agüero street.

The most loved bandoneonist of all the times, who people calls Pichuco was born here in 1914.  He started to play music at 12 years old in a theater of the neighborhood. Aníbal Troilo was one of the most important musician of tango because he used play very well and he also was a good compositor. He wrote more than 60 tangos that today are really popular.

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