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Boedo is the only case in which the most characteristic street gives name to the whole district. Boedo Avenue was titled like this in 1882, in honor to Dr. Mariano Boedo. This man was an exceptional lawyer born in July 25 of 1782. He committed his life to the Independence cause in different occasion. He first became Vice President of the Congress of Tucumán, and in 1817 he was elected President


The current territory of Boedo was originally occupied by dairy farms, cement kilns, bakers, mills, warehouses and local stores. Then, at the beginning of the century, many cafés started to settle, it was a time of tango, bandits and poets.


1. Esquina dos Mundos Restaurant (Two worlds restaurant)

Avenida Boedo 699.

A typical Buenos Aires restaurant specialized in pasta and barbecue. It inherited its name from an old bazaar that used to be on the very same corner.

2. Bar Delu

Boedo Avenue 787

This bar and restaurant serves traditional Buenos Aires food: grilled meat  or barbecue, pizza, and pasta. It’s part of a chain that has five other branches throughout the city.

3. Bar Alenjo

Boedo Avenue 825

4. Confitería Trianón

Boedo Avenue 845

It opened in 1940 and was popular among artists and intellectuals. It works as a café, restaurant and pizzeria, but it is well known because of its “pavita” sandwich (a sort of turkey meat).

5. Boedo Theatre

Boedo Avenue 853


This theatrical place offers plays for the whole family: some of which combine theater with tango.

6. Café Margot

Boedo Avenue 857

In this restaurant you can get a glimpse of the distinctive Buenos Aires environment. It is mostly visited for its “picadas” (appetizers or snacks very typical in the whole country) which you can enjoy along with a delicious draft “sidra” (alcoholic drink made from fermented apple juice) or beer.

7. Pan y Arte (Bread and Art)

Boedo Avenue 880

This is a very popular restaurant makes a modern version of both the typical Buenos Aires food and some regional Argentinian dishes.

8. Osvaldo Pugliese Corner (ex “Recuerdo Bar”)

Boedo Avenue 909


This Tango house is located where the old Bar Alabama used to be, the latter was frequently visited by Osvaldo Pugliese, one of the central personalities of the Buenos Aires music.

Pugliese (1905 – 1995) was a pianist, director and composer. He had a marked orchestral style, and because of this he became one of the major influences in Tango up until these days. “Negracha”, “Recuerdo,” and “La Yumba.” are some of its most famous songs. “Recuerdo” is the first Tango that he published.

9. Escuela de tango Boedo (Boedo School of Tango)

Avenida Boedo 942

This school offers classes to professional dancers, beginners, advanced students and even children.

10. Café Florida

Boedo Avenue 944

11. Homero Manzi Corner

San Juan Avenue 3601

It is a classical Buenos Aires “Tangueria,” where you can have dinner while you enjoy a show. Formerly it was a bar frequently visited by Homero Manzi (1907 – 1951), a famous Tango lyricist.

It was renamed after Manzi toward the end of the XX century.

Among many others Tango lyrics Manzi wrote: “Che, bandoneón”, “Malena” and “Sur”.

12. Bar Miño

Avenida San Juan 3594

A traditional restaurant of Buenos Aires that sells a famous ten slices pizza (two more than the regular traditional one).

13. Bar Esquina Sur (South Corner Bar)

San Juan Avenue 3602

Every so often there are Tango shows performed here.

14. Corner of San Juan and Boedo Avenues


This corner is legendary because of the Tango “Sur,” one of the most famous of its genre, with music by Aníbal Troilo and lyrics by Homero Manzi: “San Juan y Boedo antiguo, y todo el cielo…”

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