What to do in Buenos Aires – San Telmo neighborhood


At the beginning of the history of Barrio de San Telmo, were the noblest families which settled here. It was only in 1871, because of a yellow fever epidemic that spread Buenos Aires, that the inhabitants of San Telmo had to leave their homes and move to the north of the city.

It is a destination for all visitors to Buenos Aires. Its cobbled streets, centuries-old houses and churches surround San Telmo neighborhood with magic and beauty that make it unique in Buenos Aires.

What to do in the neighborhood of San Telmo?

Paseo de la Historieta (Comics Stories City Tour): this fun tour is a path among some city streets of Buenos Aires, where you can see various tributes to the main characters of Argentine comic stories or Argentine authors.

In the list of comics characters you can find:

  • Mafalda
  • Patoruzú
  • Clemente
  • Isidoro
  • Gaturro

El Viejo almacén (The old warehouse): is the building where an antique shop of ​​the city of Buenos Aires was staying. It was the tango singer Edmundo Rivero who bought it in 1969 to make it one of the most tango points in Buenos Aires. The house dates from 1798 and is located on Avenida Independencia 303 ​​San Telmo neighborhood.

Pasaje San Lorenzo: in this passage (short street) is the Gallery of Los Patios de San Telmo. Is a short street of 200 meters long and the architecture of the houses found there date back to 1850-1920. These old houses of Pasaje San Lorenzo were the workshops of artists and craftsmen from the city of Buenos Aires.

Bar Sur (South Bar): is one of the places where every night you can see tango shows in Buenos Aires. Originally South bar started in 1967 on the southeast corner formed by the streets United States and Balcarce street. It has a rustic decor and warm inside that evoke the old houses of Buenos Aires.

La Feria de San Telmo (San Telmo’s fair): also known as flea market of San Telmo, this is the place where collectors and artisans sell antiques, works of art and curiosities that attract all kinds of visitors to the city of Buenos Aires. The fair runs for days on Sundays from 10 to 17 hs. The peak time is 14 hours, so it is recommended to go very early.

What to visit in the neighborhood of San Telmo?

Plaza Dorrego (Saquare): is the place where every Sunday the Feria de San Telmo in Buenos Aires is held. In the past this square was the center of San Telmo neighborhood since around several shops and cafes were installed. It is located on Calle Defensa at the corner with Humberto Primo Street.

San Telmo Market: was the first market in the neighborhood of San Telmo in selling meat, fish and fruits. Began operating in February of 1981 and developed the trade in this region of Buenos Aires.

The night in San Telmo: is an interesting combination of modernism that mixes with the past. In the numerous bars in the neighborhood of San Telmo you can see shows of tango, jazz and rock with live music. The theaters and street works are part of the landscape of the neighborhood. Its streets are some clubs that lead evening activities until late in the morning.

How do I get to the neighborhood of San Telmo?

  • Bus/Buses: 159, 152, 143, 126, 93, 86, 64, 62, 61, 54, 33, 28, 24, 22.
  • Walking: from Plaza de Mayo to walk approx. 10 blocks down Defensa Street.


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MartinWhat to do in Buenos Aires – San Telmo neighborhood